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In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, The COVID Chronicles Canada leans into conversations with cross-industry leaders, innovators and game-changers with the purpose to share our common experiences, grievances, solutions and possibilities.  

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Hi, I'm Lindsay Sutherland Boal. Connector, Content Creator. Artist.

I'm a PR, Marketing and Relationship Development Specialist and Vice President of Marketing, Relationship Development (and Everything Cool) at Urban Outline Building Group. When COVID-19 hit, I needed to pivot - big time - in order to remain effective in my job.

Within my role, part of my responsibility is to grow and nurture the company’s client and building partner relationships. Pre-COVID that meant a lot of time spent out with colleagues, associates and business partners. Out. At restaurants. At offices. At events. At gatherings. Over lunch. Over coffee. Over happy hour – none of which can happen during global isolation.

How could I do my job amidst a global pandemic, isolation and social distancing? My answer: be of service. Have the conversations we are all having but put it out there. Let’s learn from each other, grieve with each other, laugh with each other. Together, let’s find solutions, connect on a more meaningful level, let’s find possibility and hope.

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The COVID Chronicles Canada Episode 26 Leslie Ehm
Lindsay Sutherland Boal

The COVID Chronicles Canada Episode 26 Leslie Ehm

THE COVID CHRONICLES CANADA EPISODE 26 MAY 11, 2021 Leslie Ehm Swagger Coach, Author, Speaker and Chief Fire Starter at Combustion Training Leslie joined me for a lively chat about Swagger. What is it? Who can have it? Why we need it. Uber important discussion, especially now, as we begin to live our lives in a post-pandemic world. Listen and learn how we can step into our Swagger and get what we really want out of our lives. Now. 01:45 Lindsay’s wha-bam first introduction to Swagger 02:12 Swagger: The essence of everything awesome 03:20 Want people to gravitate to you? Do this: 04:36 Only these people can have Swagger: (Spoiler alert – it’s everyone) 05:07 What prevents us from steeping into our Swagger 06:20 Who benefits from Swagger? 06:53 What happens when we Swagger 07:17 The leaders of those that Swagger in business 08:13 Swagger is about Self-Acceptance 08:58 “Fake It Till You Make It” doesn’t work. Here’s why: 10:23 Want to manifest confidence? Do this: 10:55 Self – Belief, the prerequisite of competence 12:13 What Swagger is not 13:11 The 3 Key Swagger Drivers 15:09 Swagger leadership looks like this: 16:37 What happens when we get vulnerable 17:51 Lindsay’s experience reading the book 19:35 The “Flawed Badass” 20:16 Lessons from Mama Ehm 22:14 Swagger Stew 23:18 The liberating experience of being the real you 24:43 The “Unboxing Video” 27:17 Connect with Leslie 28:58 Take the Swagger Challenge Buy the book Combustion Training
Lindsay Sutherland Boal, hosts the 25 Follow-Up Episode of The COVID Chronicles Canada
Lindsay Sutherland Boal

Lindsay Sutherland Boal, hosts the 25 Follow-Up Episode of The COVID Chronicles Canada

The COVID Chronicles Canada: Episode 25 16 Guests Return. Where are we now? To keep the episode under 10 minutes, these clips are very short with 2-minute versions in the comments below. 1. Paul Constable – on hand sanitizer (1:22) 2. Charles MacPherson – on pressure and pleasure (02:18) 3. Amanda Kohal - how to look better on zoom...and she quit her 9-5 and moved to Mexico (2:42) 4. Faren Bogach stopped rushing and found her happy (3:18) 5. Kelly Stobbe went back to school for her passion project (3:42) 6. Caroline Drury left the big city and got (super) fit (4:05) 7. Vanessa Judelman: the 3 markers of effective leadership (4:40) 8. Jenna Simeonov left the big city for the big house... and snow angels (5:15) 9. Tracy Dahl: what keeps a star grounded (5:40) 10. Kinza Tyrrell left the big city and a house and a garden (6:12) 11. Katherine Marshall Woods: showing grace – to yourself (6:33) 12. Alyson Schafer on tech and teens: the piece of advice we need (6:50) 13. Paul Nixey: on being handsome (7:06) 14. Bapon Shm Fakhruddin: family time and the second “house” (7:52) 15. Sharon Portelli: her most beautiful thing (8:41) 16. Melinda Asztalos: Asking the big questions (9:02) It’s safe to say no one thought we’d be here – 10 months knee deep in what has become a turning point in all of our lives. For the 25th episode, 16 of my guests have returned to share the perspective and priority shifts, our changes in habits, lifestyle and geographical location. Who would have thought we’d be where we are? I didn’t but I’m very grateful that we can experience it together. Thank you for watching.
Lindsay Sutherland Boal and Vanessa Judelman: Leading Through Change on The COVID Chronicles Canada
Lindsay Sutherland Boal

Lindsay Sutherland Boal and Vanessa Judelman: Leading Through Change on The COVID Chronicles Canada

The COVID Chronicles Canada Episode 24: Vanessa Judelman Leadership Coach, Executive Leadership Coach and Advisor Author and President: Mosaic People Development Discussion: Leading In Uncertain Times Finding Your Passion Getting Your Groove Back To positively contribute to the newsfeed surrounding COVID-19, The COVID Chronicles Canada aims to lean into discussions with cross sector innovators, leaders and visionaries who are helping us navigate COVID-19 and find solutions, possibilities and hope. As the first instalment of #TheLeadershipSeries, Vanessa joined me to discuss: 1. Sphere of #Influence. What do I have no control over? (00:37) 2. Sphere of Influence. What do I have control over? (1:21) 3. Emotional Scale: Where are you? (1:37) 4. The #COVID Continuum (2:03) 5. Want to get Un-Stuck? Do this: (2:39) 6. We want feelings not things: #EQ (4:04) 7. The Great #Pivot: Career Change at 50 (4:41) 8. How will I know I’m on the right path? (5:45) 9. COVID: Less Distraction, More #Connection (6:03) 10. The Gift of #Reflection (6:41) 11. Lindsay’s New Favourite Question (6:53) 12. Leading in Uncertain Times: 4 Guideposts (7:15) 13. Guidepost 1: Growth #Mindset (7:26) 14. Guidepost 2: Formal and Informal Coaching (7:58) 15. Guidepost 3: Setting Goals and #Prioritizing (8:35) 16. Guidepost 4: Leading and Managing #Change (8:53) 17. Four Characteristics of Great Leaders in Uncertain Times (9:17) So great for Lindsay Sutherland Boal and Vanessa Judelman to have had the opportunity to chat. At this stage in the pandemic, it's great to be reminded of the things we can control and how we can actively step up and into our lives.
Lindsay Sutherland Boal and Vered Klein - Job Seeking During COVID-19 on The COVID Chronicles Canada
Lindsay Sutherland Boal

Lindsay Sutherland Boal and Vered Klein - Job Seeking During COVID-19 on The COVID Chronicles Canada

COVID Chronicles Episode 23 Vered Klein Expert Recruitment Consultant – Architecture & Interior Design Discussion: Job Searching and Recruitment during COVID-19 As a reminder: To positively contribute to the newsfeed surrounding #COVID19, I have created this video series: #TheCovidChroniclesCanada. Together with members of my professional and personal networks, we will discuss how we are making our way through the COVID-19 pandemic. My goal is to share our common experiences, grievances, solutions, possibilities and eventually hope. On August 4th, I was joined by Expert Recruitment Consultant, Vered Klein. Together we discussed: 1) How the job-seeking market has changed because of COVID (00:48) 2) What employers are looking for (00:59) 3) What personality traits employers need to see now (01:15) 4) The benefits of a contract position (01:32) 5) How to do well in online interviews (02:27) 6) The challenge with online interviews (02:50) 7) Best Interview Tip here: (03:18) 8) The interview process in longer. This is why: (04:04) 9) Best Tip on getting the interview here: (04:30) 10) Advice: Effective storytelling (04:49) 11) What job seekers are looking for (05:33) 12) Advice for emerging talent (05:53) 13) Architecture and Interior Design Talent Community Page on LinkedIn (07:30) 14) Workin’ Moms parenting through COVID (07:43) It was a pleasure speaking with Vered. She provides insightful information to job seekers navigating the tough candidate-rich market. Links below to connect with Vered and the Interior Design Talent Community Page on LinkedIn.
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Reach out to me about the chronicles, your experience, your response to COVID-19 or if you'd like to be a part of the series.

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